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Parking details for TedXDeepEllum

Mitchell Lofts

3800 Commerce St. #217

Dallas, TX 75226 

LightWork Studio Is located INSIDE of Mitchell Lofts, on the WESTSIDE of Deep Ellum.


The FRONT ENTRY is located under the red Mitchell Lofts sign.



FREE PARKING Is available on the surrounding streets (Commerce, Benson, and Willow).


Please AVOID parking near stop signs and fire hydrants.



If free parking Is unavailable, we advise guests to use the PAID PARKING LOT off of Exposition Ave. and Benson St.


There will be a LIGHTWORK STUDIO ATTENDANT at the front entry for the first 20 MINUTES of your event.


In the event that there is NO ATTENDANT PRESENT, please dial the code 9211 on the call box to open the door.  

LIGHTWORK STUDIO is on the west end of the 2nd floor, suite 217.

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