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Meet The Speakers

TedX_Roger Chambers.png

Tech and Education

Roger Chambers

  • LinkedIn

Roger Chambers lives in Houston, TX with his wife of 16 years and three children (two daughters and a
son in the middle). He is an administrator and professor at a local community college where he has been
working for the past 10 years. Besides his scholastic achievements, he is also a musician who has been
fortunate to travel to numerous cities in the United States, as well as a few international dates with
various artists in Gospel, R&B, and various forms of Jazz.


Roger recently completed his doctoral studies in Learning Technologies, focused on online community instructional design at the University of North Texas.  As a result, Mr. Chambers has developed his academic knowledge to now become an advocate for greater exploration of how to improve formal learner experiences in the various modalities offered at all learning institutions with a focus on higher education. His primary interest is in the effectiveness and efficacy of hypermedia tools in the quest to improve the quality of distance learning experiences.

TedX_Destiny Herndon De La Rosa.png


Destiny Herndon De La Rosa

  • LinkedIn

Destiny Herndon-De La Rosa lives in Dallas, Texas with her husband and four children. She runs the consistent life ethic organization, New Wave Feminists, which works to humanize all life from womb to tomb and protect the vulnerable from violence andinjustice.


New Wave Feminists recently purchased a property in Juárez, Mexico called “The Stellar Shelter” which will house pregnant and parenting migrant mothers and their children while their asylum cases are being processed

TedX_Erin Peavy.png

Architecture and Psychology

Erin Peavey

  • LinkedIn

Erin K. Peavey is on a mission to cultivate health, well-being, and belonging through design.


She is a vice president, licensed architect, and researcher at HKS. As the Social Design Leader for HKS, she understands the social impacts of how we work with communities to design, and ultimately design's rippling social impacts on how we think, feel, and behave. She works closely with teams across the globe to integrate research, practice, and storytelling to advance design for health, combat loneliness, and foster resilience for communities.


Erin is a perceptive researcher with a talent for making new insights accessible to a wide audience. She has a big platform and robust network of fellow thought leaders with work featured in Psychology Today, Metropolis, Curbed, Dallas Morning News, FastCompany, SXSW, and her own podcast, Shared Space.

TedX_Torrian Timms.png

Instructional Design

Torrian Timms

  • LinkedIn

Torrian Timms, M.Ed is a master educator by trade (despite being kicked out the College of Education during undergrad)! She is a creator by passion. After starting and stopping many hobbies and interests, she's found purpose as the founder of Sistas with ADHD and host of the Sistas with ADHD podcast. 


Her hope is to educate her community on the uniqueness of the human brain, so future generations can live without shame and embrace their ADHD, brain based differences and live a life full of self acceptance and joy!

Torrian is unique and is purposeful about leaning into all of her intersections and describes her experience as a neurodivergent Black woman as hood, holy, and hyper-focused. 

TedX_Jocelyn Bullock.png


Jocelyn Bullock

  • LinkedIn

Jocelyn is a seasoned educational professional with more than 17 years of experience in student success, educational access and opportunity, conflict resolution/mediation, DEI, and research.


When speaking, Jocelyn helps those in the audience learn to leverage their sphere of influence to strengthen their voices as advocates for a brighter tomorrow. Jocelyn holds a B.A. in Liberal Studies, a Master of Arts in Counseling and Conflict Resolution, and a Master of Public Administration with an emphasis in Urban Management.


Jocelyn is a lifelong learner working toward a Ph.D. in Agricultural Leadership, Education, and Communication.


As an agricultural enthusiast, Jocelyn enjoys providing pathways for children in the urban core to gain fluency in STEM, specifically agriculture and natural resources. In her spare time, Jocelyn enjoys listening to music on her record player, officiating weddings, and traveling.

TedX_Dana Harper.png

Official TedXDeepEllum Artist

Dana Harper

  • Instagram

Dana is guided by love as both an artist and individual. Reaching far beyond the confines of romantic love, the expressive songstress lives a life deeply rooted in true self love, love of community, and love of life itself. A Dallas-native, Harper’s music is about embracing and celebrating life’s universal experiences. Her tone and style boasts the polish of an artist who has meticulously studied her craft, while simultaneously reflecting a completely distinctive quality. She holds a strong sense of control over voice, allowing her to exercise a truly impressive range of vocal agility and expression.


Harper released her first album in 2009 before moving to New York City, where she graced the stages of iconic venues including The Apollo Theater and Madison Square Garden.



Harper’s career has garnered her great acclaim and many notable accomplishments, including being a Top 20 contestant on season 11 of NBC's hit tv show "The Voice,” as a member of Blake Shelton's Team. Harper is excited to be sharing new music in the coming season, and offering a glimpse into the newest chapter of her life, from exercising self love to navigating a career, and everything in between. 

TedX_Veronica Corona Barker.png


Veronica Corona-Barker

  • LinkedIn

Veronica Corona-Barker is a passionate and compassionate person and professional who is dedicated to working with those battling trauma, in particular with immigrants.


She also specializes in treating people with mental illness, and working with teenagers, adults, couples and individuals who are victims of sexual crimes. She is also a clinical trainer, who helps other mental health professionals learn how to work with diverse populations.

TedX_Matthew Hoffman.png

Healthcare and Community

Matthew Hoffman

  • LinkedIn

As a healthcare Chaplain, Matthew has worked for over 30 years as a leader at the intersection of issues of faith and ministries to the underserved.


He is a frequent speaker on a wide range of subjects from issues of health and spirituality; care for and ministry to the sick and dying; comparative religions in relation to issues of sickness and suffering; work/life balance, compassion fatigue, and vocational burnout among healthcare professionals; humanitarian aid and care for the poor.


He presently serves as the Director for Baylor Scott and White’s Faith in Action Initiatives, which is the humanitarian aid and medical missions arm for the system. Within this role, his department in partnership with nonprofit organizations helps both care for lonely and isolated patients by bringing them added layers of support within their community; and also helps resource and open free/low-cost clinics and hospitals whose focus is to advance compassionate care to medically impoverished people groups here locally and internationally.

TedX_Renita Joyce.png

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Renita Joyce

  • LinkedIn

Renita Joyce Smith is an authentic, quirky multi-potentialite with two extra helpings of personality and dad joke humor.


To fund her ever-growing plant addiction, she continues her 20-year experience as a management consultant at Thought Ensemble, a Pariveda Company, as a Principal specializing in strategy, transformation, diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging. 


To fuel her purpose, Renita is an Executive/Authenticity Coach and People-First Facilitator, creating spaces and environments that empower individuals and teams to reach their goals, unlock new levels of potential, and drive connection and engagement. In her spare time, she practices self-care through community service, random adventures, painting, and spoiling her fur babies, Mason and Toussaint.

TedX_Tracy Williams.png

Communication Strategist

Tracy Renee Williams

  • LinkedIn

Tracy Reneé Williams is the leader of TraComm
Development Group, a boutique consulting firm
that helps executives - and those who desire to
become one - develop their executive
intelligence through communication mastery
and a personal approach to leading others.

Tracy is a frequently requested facilitator,
coach, program designer, and keynote speaker
for Fortune 500 companies; federal, state, and
local agencies; universities; and k-12 institutions.
Additionally, she coaches individual leaders and
their teams. 

She has designed and launched a
membership-based peer community for over
300 Black professionals on track for executive
business and cultural leadership roles. Prior to
that, she worked in leadership development
for YPO (formerly Young Presidents'
Organization), Chevron Corporation, and Texas Christian University (TCU).

Tracy serves as President of the TCU National Alumni Board and ex-officio member of the TCU Board of Trustees. She also serves on the Tarrant/Parker Leadership Impact Council for Texas Health Resources and on the Executive Leadership Team for Tarrant Go Red for Women.

TedX_Alisha Woodall.png

Mental Heath Education

Alisha Woodall

  • LinkedIn

Alisha Woodall is a licensed therapist and founder of Finding the Foundation, a private counseling practice based in Dallas, TX.

As a licensed therapist, public speaker and trainer, she specializes in heightening self awareness and mental wellness education.

With over 15 years of clinical experience, Alisha has provided professional counsel in a variety of therapeutic settings, including residential treatment centers, outpatient facilities and private practice.


Skilled in curriculum development and corporate training, she enjoys meeting clients at their level of need and crafting therapeutic tools designed to illuminate the importance of mental health.

TedX_Angel White.png

Official TedXDeepEllum Artist

Angel White

  • Instagram

Angel White is a singer/songwriter from Dallas, Texas whose music blends R&B,

Pop, and Western influences in a new and unprecedented way. Angel spent his

formative years busking on the streets of Deep Ellum, learning the power of his

voice and how it could touch the people around him.

It was this approach to songwriting that spawned Angel’s new solo identity and thus his forthcoming album, GHOST OF THE WEST.

Unlike most contemporary music, Angel’s music is not “wallpaper” or transparent: instead, his songs will take listeners to a specific place. For Angel; a western landscape is equally beautiful and dark in its vastness.

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